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The need for increased digitisation of the legal sector has accelerated due to the current climate and becomes critical given how dynamic the environment is.

In India, there is an ongoing effort by the government and private sectors to bring industries and businesses together to create a Digital India. While most industries are accelerating and embracing digitisation as part of their strategy and operations, the legal services industry is just getting started.

Some of the key parameters that will drive digitisation are

  • Work from Anywhere. Attracting talent from anywhere in India and retaining them asks for a different way of working which makes embracing technology mandatory
  • The Entry of foreign players brings its own set of challenges. Automated processes which are heavily technology-led become the new way of running a business.
  • The digital initiatives led by the government and government agencies (virtual hearing, template-based information sharing, e-portal for document sharing and collaboration, etc) make it more and more mandatory for law firms to accelerate their digitization process.
  • The post-COVID situation makes it more difficult to have face-to-face communications. Law firms will have to look at smart ways to continue interactions with their key clients.
  • Attract new talent. A young professional who is tech-savvy triggers the need for firms to upscale their digital capabilities for a more workable environment.

Changing Legal Landscape

Different Technology Adoptions by Different Courts

Client Interaction

Virtual Hearing By Courts

Opportunity to Expand PAN India

Defined SOP Adherence

Data Integrity

Secure Exchange of Briefs & Data

Appropriate Infrastructure

The acceleration towards digitisation brings its own set of challenges

  • Data security and confidentiality. How the firms ensure confidentiality of client information.
  • Technology Infrastructure. Working from office or from anywhere means need for secure and stable infrastructure to communicate within the teams, clients as well as government agencies
  • Security against Cyber Threats. With hackers finding new ways every day to hack into firms systems, it becomes more and more important to guard against these challenges
  • Employees will need to be educated and trained regarding the security threats

YourCTO provides a comprehensive service allowing legal firms to embrace technology and make the business future proof. The service is bespoke in nature allowing the firms to evaluate their needs on short, mid and long term basis focusing on four key elements – Employees, Technology, Processes and Compliances. YourCTO will work with the firms as a trusted partner implementing and guiding the digital roadmap at fraction of the cost of hiring a full time CTO.


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